Web Site Promotion – 5 Steps to Web Site Visibility

Web sites are only useful if people look at them. No visits, no effect. If you want visits, you’re going to need some form of web site promotion. The good news is that there are a few, relatively easy things you can do to promote your site.First, optimize your search engine results. Make sure your site has the right tags, keywords and content to be friendly to search engines. Research your keywords carefully, and those of your competitors, and see that they’re included in each page of your site, in the tags, and the titles.Second, advertise. Advertise your site both electronically and conventionally. Consider banner ads, promotional emails, newspaper ads, and yellow pages as part of your web site promotion.Third, build a list and work it. Collect email addresses like they were gold – they are. Make sure that you, your site, and your staff solicit email addresses from all relevant parties. Use the addresses for promotional emails that drive visitors to your site.
Fourth, partner. Identify partners who may have websites that are relevant to you. If you sell pencils, partner with paper or eraser suppliers. Offer to include reciprocal links for the same courtesy.Fifth, reference. Include your web address in everything you do. Put it on your business card, you stationery, your sign, you email signature and anywhere else it can be seen.Web site marketing promotion isn’t difficult but it does take attention. Use the five suggestions above to plan what you’re going to do for your site!No matter what you do with web site marketing promotion, just remember that it all takes time – just about nothing is overnight, so don’t expect it to be!

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